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Where Tradition Meets Science

Powered by African botanicals and clean actives, our nourishing formulas are designed to address dry skin and hyperpigmentation.

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    To help you feel and look your best, we have developed a range of clean beauty products using a blend of centuries-old African practices, powerful ingredients sourced from Africa, and scientific research.

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African inspired skincare

Our skin care products combine centuries-old African techniques, African-sourced ingredients and modern-day science to create clean beauty essentials that empower you to feel and look your best.

Clean and effective skincare

Nourish your body

Bellanomi brings together nourishing African botanicals with powerful actives that are formulated to moisturize dry skin, soothe inflammation and clear hyperpigmentation.

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The perfect way to

Keep your body feeling new!

This nourishing balm seamlessly blends into the skin, providing rapid absorption. It's ideally suited for targeting darker patches, particularly on areas like the inner thighs that often darken from friction-related chafing.

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Bellanomi skincare has

A gentle approach to your face

Designed specifically for people with oily skin and hyperpigmentation, our formulations incorporate carefully selected African botanicals, ethically and sustainably sourced from local producers. 

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Why Bellanomi?

Here at Bellanomi, we believe that true beauty lies in showcasing who you are. Our goal is to reflect the beauty traditions of Africa by providing botanical skincare solutions that help your skin look and feel its best.

  • Ethically sourced

    From our cleansers to our shea butter, each of our formulas is made using ethically sourced

  • Clean beauty for all

    We’re harnessing the power of unisex products which are here to promote clean beauty for all.

  • Beauty routine control

    Helps you take control of your beauty routine and unveil renewed, healthy skin.

  • Tested methods

    Tested methods and ingredients to bring you simple yet effective African skin care products.

What our customers say

"It's very effective at exfoliating my skin and I like how lightweight it is and how the product design lets it drain & dry quicker than washclothes or loofahs."

Paige Alexander

"Genuinely the best Pure African Shea Butter it melts into the skin so nicely and doesn’t burn on my eczema it’s more like instant relief."

Claire Cooper

"I love my sponge! it's nice to use, easy to dry, and works very well. it doesn't feel abrasive, and gets the most out of my body wash. :)"

Sara Lisa

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