About Us

Bellanomi, Where Tradition Meets Science


Bellanomi Skincare brings together traditional African practices and modern-day science. The brainchild of a trained chemist and pharmacist with Nigerian roots, our products harness centuries’ old beauty traditions and are enhanced with scientific knowledge.

While based in Tennessee, we use only botanical, African ingredients. Everything used to make our soaps and butters comes from small businesses in Nigeria, allowing us to be authentic to our roots and offer completely unique, eco-friendly beauty products.

 We empower your beauty routine, using innovative yet ancient practices, while also doing our bit to care for the environment. Our products are made in small batches, and all of our packaging is eco-friendly.



Amanda, the founder of Bellanomi skincare, is a pharmacist with over 12 years of experience in pharmacy practice and cosmetic formulating. Her background in chemistry and a passion for dermatological compounding led her to create Bellanomi, a skincare brand dedicated to meeting the unique aging needs of melanin-rich skin. Bellanomi's commitment to inclusivity and Amanda's expertise ensure exceptional skincare solutions for all.

The name "Bellanomi" is derived from the words "beautiful and pleasant," taking its inspiration from Amanda's two daughters, and it reflects the brand's genuine belief in the essence of skincare.