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Moisture Rich Glow Body Oil

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Say hello to glowing, even skin with this rich and nourishing tone-balancing body oil. 

Ready to upgrade your self-care routine? Give your skin the care it deserves and achieve a more luminous, youthful glow with this luxurious body oil, crafted to revitalize and restore your skin’s natural radiance. Infused with natural botanicals such as licorice, bearberry, and lemon peel extracts, the formula targets hyperpigmentation to even out skin tone for a more balanced complexion. It also incorporates African marula oil and camwood leaf extract to deliver deep hydration and nourishment, while aloe vera and hemp seed oils soothe and calm the skin.

Why you will love this body oil;

  • A burst of natural fragrance: Naturally-scented with passion fruit oil for a refreshing and soothing self-care experience.
  • All-natural moisturizer: Infused with marula, jojoba and rice bran oil, it deeply moisturizes and nourishes from within.
  • Elevated brightening formula: Made with Vitamin C, bearberry, and licorice extracts, regular use of our body oil brightens the appearance of your skin and hyperpigmentation.
  • Antioxidant properties: Known for their antioxidant properties, Vitamin C and Vitamin E help protect the skin, leaving it radiant and supple.
  • Reduce inflammation: Our use of hemp seed oil helps reduce inflammation and is ideal for relieving conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
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Moisture Rich Glow Body Oil
Bellanomi Body Oil
Moisture Rich Glow Body Oil
Moisture Rich Glow Body Oil
Moisture Rich Glow Body Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Am a regular customer, when I started using the oil it’s was so good. My skin was glowing until I bought the 4th time. I ordered 4 bottles and it’s gives me rashes on my skin. I don’t know maybe there was a mixed up in the mixture of the oil. I stopped using

Chisa Ugoji
Great product

Love love love this product

Sujata Singh

This oil is one of the best I have used. Aside from moisturizing, I love that a little goes a long way.

Literally the best BODY OIL EVER!!!!!!!

GLOW! A good body oil is hard to find so I was so EXCITEDDDD when I got my hands on this and it had my skin glowingggggg! And the texture is sooooo good!!!! I love it!