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African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"

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Upgrade your shower routine with a traditional African bath sponge that deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and leaves your skin feeling radiant and silky smooth.

The African net sponge, traditionally known as the sapo sponge, is a sustainable beauty tool that is as kind to your skin use it to gently buff away dead cells while you bathe to restore your skin’s radiance. Expanding up to 45” in length, it makes washing hard-to-reach areas effortless, leaving you feeling clean afterward! It is ethically sourced from Nigeria where it is handcrafted using a highly durable, hypoallergenic material.

Here’s Why You’ll Love This:

✓ Unique structure and soft knots help create a rich soapy lather while gently exfoliating dead skin cells

✓ Ideal for cleaning your back and other hard to reach areas due to its long and flexible material

✓ Dries quickly, making it more hygienic than traditional loofahs and washcloths

✓ Removes dead skin cells an helps stimulate blood circulation for a healthy glowing skin

✓ Durable light weight material, can last up to 2 years. Excellent for travel.


Packed in a reusable waterproof travel pouch.

Material: 100% Nylon 

How to use:

Apply body wash or bar soap to wet sponge and create a rich lather. Gently massage all over body to clean and exfoliate. Clean your back by stretching the sponge across your back. Rinse sponge and hang to air dry.

 Cruelty Free
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African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"
Bellanomi African exfoliating net sponge 45"
Bellanomi African exfoliating net sponge
Bellanomi African exfoliating net sponge
African Net Sponge
African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"
African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"
African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"
African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"
African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"
African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"
African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"
African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"
African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"
African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"
African Exfoliating Net sponge 45"
African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45"
African Exfoliating Net Sponge 45" yellow

Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Chelsea Lloyd

I've become quite a fan of using this net sponge as part of my shower routine. It's very effective at exfoliating my skin and I like how lightweight it is and how the product design lets it drain & dry quicker than washclothes or loofahs.

Super nice

At first, I wasn't sure how different it would be compared to my other bath sponges and loofahs I've had. But it was better than I expected and felt really nice. Easy to use. I followed the directions and soaked it in hot water for a few minutes beforehand.


I purchased two net sponges (for my daughter and I) and will NEVER go back to a basic loofah EVER AGAIN!! My skin feels smooth all over where it used to feel bumpy AND this product properly exfoliates WITHOUT drying me out. I feel amazing, so pleased! THANK YOU, Bellanomi!!

Definitely a must

It does have a nice lather but if you don’t put your soap directly in the middle of the net then you’ll have to regather it mid clean. Other than that I love it and I hope the people I’m gifting one loves it too


They couldn’t get me the color I originally wanted but they still offered another choice of color